Jessica Simpson’s Dad Joe Simpson Arrested for DUI

By on August 10, 2012

Joe Simpson, Jessica Simpson’s father, was arrested for DUI in L.A. ¬†Ironically, Joe is a ¬†former minister and psychologist, who was also a youth minister in Dallas prior to launching his daughter’s careers.

According to TMZ, Joe was arrested in Sherman Oaks on August 4.

The police pulled Joe’s car over when they realized he was intoxicated. He was booked and spent the night in jail. He was released without having to post bail at 9:41 the following day.

If criminal charges are filed, it’s likely Joe will not get any jail time since it’s his first offense. His punishment for the first offense will most likely be a large fine.

Well known for launching his daughter’s, Jessica and Ashlee, to stardom and often referred to as an overbearing father, the news of his DUI is shocking.

Would love to be a fly on the wall to see what Jessica and Ashlee are saying to their father.

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