Katy Perry Bares Butt at Water Park – Photos

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Katy Perry suffered a wardrobe malfunction while enjoying herself at a water park in California.  Thankfully, Katy is not a shy girl and was able to laugh the incident off.

The pop singer accidentally flashed her naked behind to the  crowd when her bikini bottom slipped after hitting the surfing simulator ride.

And thankfully, the paparazzi were there to catch her in action.  Afterall, who doesn’t want to be stalked all the time.

Perry took to twitter with a message about the incident saying,

“Let’s be fair, I really think I deserve a season pass for that ass. Oh, and some flip flops.”

Perry has been making headlines for being spotted out and about and having sleep over’s with her new boy du jour, John Mayer.

John Mayer is known to be a bad boy, having dating the now engaged, Jennifer Aniston and America’s sweetheart, Taylor Swift. What do you think about him dating Katy Perry? Is this just a rebound relationship for her?

We have the photos of Katy on the wave ride before and after on page 2.

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