LeAnn Rimes Sues Two Twitter ‘Fans’

By on August 30, 2012

LeAnn Rimes has filed a lawsuit against two of her Twitter followers.

Rimes, who is currently in a treatment facility for emotional issues, reached out to two of her twitter followers after they allegedly bashed her repeatedly on twitter. The followers gave Rimes a hard time about her affair with a then-married Eddie Cibrian, according to Gossip Cop. This is surprising for a couple of reasons, one because she blocked twitter followers who were negative towards her (yes I have a friend who was one of them) and also because what celebrity reaches out to their ‘followers’ to explain themselves.

The harassment continued after Rimes and Cibrian officially got together, prompting her to reach out to the followers and speak to them on the telephone.

The twitter followers, known as the Smileys, secretly recorded the conversation, and then posted “out-of-context excerpts” online designed to paint Rimes in a false and negative light and cause her emotion distress.

Rimes is now suing for invasion of privacy, and is hoping to get an injunction to stop them from distributing the recording.

Rimes is said to be in a facility to learn coping skills.  Are nasty twitter followers the problem?

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