Michael Phelps is Diving into Golf on ‘The Haney Project’

By on August 11, 2012

Michael Phelps has conquered the water, now he is headed for the green, to take a swing at golf.

Phelps, the most decorated Olympian in history, has signed on to the Golf Channel show “The Haney Project,” in which he’ll be the star student of Hank Haney, onetime coach of Tiger Woods.

The superstar swimmer made the announcement on Saturday, “I have traveled the world through swimming, but really haven’t had an opportunity to experience the world through my travels,” said the Olympic great in a statement. “As I enter this next chapter of my life, I think I will be able to shift my competitiveness to anything I put my mind to and golf is one of the things I want to focus on.”

Phelps added, “If I have a goal of dropping a certain amount of shots, or working on my short game or putting, those things are going to keep me motivated and fire me up and keep me excited.”

He continued, “I want to play all the world’s great golf courses, but I’d like to play them well. I’m excited about this project with Golf Channel and I’m looking forward to working with Hank and see what we can do together on the golf course.”

The show will begin airing next February and will follow Phelps in one-on-one golf instruction and playing courses around the world on his own.

Previous seasons of “The Haney Project”,  have featured Charles Barkley, Ray Romano and Adam Levine.

Do you think Phelps will rule the world of golf, the way he has ruled the pool??

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