NQ Family Guardian – Guard Your Family

By on August 5, 2012

I had the pleasure of attending Blog Her 2012 in New York this weekend where I was introduced to an amazing product called, NQ Family Guardian by NQ Mobile Guard.

Finally something to make my life with my teenage daughter easier. I didn’t realize that my daughter owning a smart phone could lead to so many worries. It’s not only the phone and texting anymore, it’s also Facebook and the internet. Not to mention the general worries you have with a teen – like are they really where they tell you they are.

After being introduced to the app NQ Family Guardian, I realized there is a way to feel comfortable with my daughter having a smart phone. The product is amazing.

The app is in beta – but is sure to be a huge hit once it hits the market.

I wrote this post as an entry to a contest but all opinions are my own.

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