Pretty Little Liars Recap – 8/14/12 – “What Lies Beneath”

By on August 14, 2012
Pretty Little Liars 2

These little Liars do like to keep us on our toes! In the first couple minutes Hanna finds a note on  the back patio that looks like it’s a note that had been written to Emily from Maya. As the girls look further at the note, it turns out she wrote it the day she died.

Over at Ezra’s Aria is still grilling him about Maggie, his ex-girlfriend that he got pregnant and his mother paid off. Aria expresses her anger/frustration/disappointment that Ezra didn’t tell her about Maggie, and he points out that it took her quite a while to tell him about Jenna and A. Touche Ezra.

Hanna is at the cafe when Wren walks in. After their kiss in last week’s episode things are a bit awkward. Wren wants to take Hanna for coffee, but she tells him that it’s weird dating her friend’s (Spencer) ex, and she isn’t quite over Caleb yet. (… and maybe it’s a little weird for a high school senior to date someone who’s pretty much through med school?)

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