Ryan Lochte Can Only Pee in the Pool – Video

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New heartthrob, Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte, loves to pee in pools and has taken to Funny or Die to explain all about his nasty habit. Says the swimmer,

“That’s the only time I allow myself to pee. Yes, I can only pee in the pool.”

In the video, Locte tells the kids ‘it’s okay to pee in the pool.’ He did stress they should never poop in the pool because they shut down the whole entire pool.

The video is very amusing – especially when he calls out Michael Phelps to see who can pee the best in the pool.

“I pee gold,” declares the Olympics champion. Do you think Michael Phelps does?

See Ryan talk about his new book Fifty Shades of Pee on the next page.

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