Sharon Osbourne Quitting AGT Because of Discrimination by NBC Against Her Son Jack

By on August 6, 2012
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Sharon Osbourne is quitting America’s Got Talent after a nasty dispute with NBC involving her son, Jack Osbourne.

Have U Heard reported a couple of weeks ago that Sharon had tweeted that she was leaving the show and it wasn’t because of money. Sharon has confirmed with the NY Post that she is leaving because she is feels that Jack was discriminated against by the television station.

Jack was supposed to be on the network’s new reality TV series “Stars Earn Stripes” but when the network found out he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis they cut all ties with him.

Producers of the Stars Earn Stripes show — which will pit celebrities against one another in military training exercises, fired Jack by e-mail two days before he was to report to work, then lied about it to the press, Osbourne claimed.

Sharon Osbourne claims NBC sent her an e-mail

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