Boardwalk Empire Recap 9/30/12 Season 3 “Bone For Tuna”

By on September 30, 2012
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Who knew that on tonight’s ‘Boardwalk Empire,’ we’d be receiving a free lesson in Italian? Repeat after me: Buon Fortuna. Phonetically, the phrase sounds a lot like “Bone for Tuna” (hence, the title of aforementioned episode). It means “good fortune,” and can be used as a toast, or a friendly salutation, so try saying it the next time you find yourself amongst a group of new Italian friends. Just don’t– and I’m serious, whatever you do, DON’T– say it to Gyp Rosetti. For some reason, the man takes serious issue with well wishes from strangers. How so, you ask? More on that later.

First, let’s start with Nucky Thompson. We opened “Bone for Tuna” inside the mind of our protagonist, who was dreaming of gunshots, sizzling bacon, and missed telephone calls; you know, the usual. In the dream (or, more accurately, nightmare), Nucky shoots a little boy that the audience won’t recognize, until a bit later, that is. When Nucky wakes up, he learns that he’s late for a meeting with a Catholic Bishop, and we learn that Nucky is about to be knighted for “his selfless generosity to the Diocese.” Ha! And no, Mr. Thompson, Lillian Kent hasn’t called. For almost the entirety of the episode, poor Nucky is still smitten with Lillian, but just can’t get in touch with his new lady. Hey, Billie– Call me, maybe?

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One Comment

  1. Pam Eissl

    October 1, 2012 at 1:20 pm

    Actually, while this is just a TV show and is left to viewer interpretation, it is obvious to me what the bishop’s concern would have been and it certainly would echo in our society today, abortion.
    A woman’s clinic would have been a radical idea back then no matter what religion one was from, so no matter what the bishop might have been thinking, it would not have been specific to Catholic idealism.

    There is no need to assault a group of people, just to make sense to what I am going to assume to be a not so well thought out explanation.

    Nonetheless, thanks for the recap.

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