Kate Middleton Topless Photos in Italian Magazine – Photos Here

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Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton topless photos round two have been released.  The first set of photos were released in France.  Now we have  the Italian magazine, Chi,  releasing the second set of photos.  The magazine doesn’t care that the Palace is taking the first magazine to court to obtain an injunction, they have moved ahead and ran the second set of photos.

In a special edition featuring the controversial topless pictures of the Duchess,
the magazine devoted 20 pages to pictures of the Duchess on vacation with her husband Prince William in the south of France and features three topless photos of her on the cover with the headline: “Kate Middleton Court Scandal – The queen is nude!”.

The photos include the Duchess sunbathing topless and rubbing suntan lotion on her husband’s back. There is also a shot of her back with her hands putting suntan lotion inside her bikini bottom.

No publication in the UK has touched the photos.  The publications that have run the photos are in France, Italy and websites.

Check out the magazine cover on page 2 and let us know do you think enough is enough?

One Response to Kate Middleton Topless Photos in Italian Magazine – Photos Here

  1. Gondora says:

    NO WOMAN, whether she be queen of the universe or Fast food waitress should be naked anywhgere in public, then complain about it.

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