Why Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman Split Up?

By on October 9, 2012

After 30 years of marriage, Danny Devito and Rhea Perlman have separated.  In Hollywood, where five years is a long time, 30 years is forever.   Any marriage that breaks up after 30 years leaves people wondering what happened?

"Reah Perlman and Danny Devito Divorce"

Danny DeVito and Reah Perlman in happier times

Since the couple do not plan on discussing the details of what happened – we looked into it for you to find out what went wrong.

Surprisingly – it is rumored that Danny had a wandering eye. After 30 years and three children, Rhea was tired of his flirty and inappropriate ways and gave him the boot. It is rumored things have been bad between the pair for more than 10-years with the marriage hanging by a thread.

A source reported,

Danny can be quite the flirt and because of his powerful status in Hollywood, he’s not ashamed to abuse his position and chat-up young, aspiring woman looking to make it in the industry.

Chatting is one thing – more than chatting is another. When thinking about someone abusing power in Hollywood, chatting is not the first thing that comes to mind. I just hope we don’t read about Devito using his power on the casting couch. That would not only be devastating to Rhea but to man kind.

What do you think about the reason for Danny and Rhea’s split – was it caused by his wandering eyes or maybe another body part?

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