Why Taylor Swift and Connor Kennedy Split?

By on October 26, 2012

Taylor Swift and Connor Kennedy have reportedly called it quits. Once again, Swift is left heartbroken as a result of her love life.

The couple, who were dating for three months, broke up a while ago because of the distance. Swift, 22 is busy traveling around the world promoting her new album, while Connor, 18 is still in High School.

The news comes after the Kennedy’s announced they will be honoring Swift at a gala event.

We have several additional reasons as to why Taylor Swift and Connor Kennedy really broke below. Feel free to leave a comment and add your own reasons.

Reasons for Break Up

  • Taylor prefers to write about her ex boyfriends and needs material for a new song
  • Taylor just wasn’t that into Connor
  • It was strictly a summer fling and the summer is over
  • Taylor liked Connor too much and was acting like a stalker
  • The age difference caused too many problems
  • Taylor had no desire to go to the senior prom – again

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