Aerosmith Sang ‘Dream On’ at Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together Concert – Video

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Steven Tyler, with Aerosmith sang ‘Dream On’ during the Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together Benefit Concert on Friday night.

The hour-long Red Cross telethon, shown on NBC, was hosted by Matt Lauer.  Christina Aguilera opened the star-studded fundraiser by saying a few words and singing ‘Beautiful’. The concert, which is a benefit to aid victims of the storm that devastated the Northeast of the U.S., also featured Bruce Springsteen, Whoopi Goldberg, Jon Bon Jovi, Billy Joel, Jimmy Fallon, Jon Stewart, Steven Tyler, Mary J. Blige and more!!

You can donate at, 1-800-HELP-NOW or text “REDCROSS” to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

*Christina Aguilera Sings ‘Beautiful’ at Hurricane Sandy Concert Video*

Watch Aerosmith perform on page 2!!

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