American Horror Story: Asylum Recap 11/07/12 – ‘I Am Anne Frank (1)’

By on November 8, 2012
American Horror
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Halloween has come and gone, the ghouls have gone to rest, and AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM has calmed down, at least temporarily. This was by far the least crazy episode of the season thus far (although that’s not saying much on a show with such a consistently high level of crazy). Tonight we mostly dealt with characters picking up the pieces after last week’s storm — it may not have been the most exciting episode, but it set in motion several important story lines. Let’s dig in.

For the first time this season, we did not open in the present day, nor did we visit it at any point in the evening. Guess we’ll have to wait a bit longer to find out if Adam Levine will live to see another armless day.

Instead, we dive right into 1964, as Sister Jude is being led by Frank the guard to interview a new inmate in the middle of the night. Frank informs her that the woman was found with no wallet, no keys, and no ID. Her identity is a mystery (although not really, given the title of the episode – spoiler alert!). Apparently, the woman was a bit offended after some guys made an anti-semitic remark in her earshot — she broke a bottle and stabbed them (they’ll live).

But before we find out any more about not-really-a-mystery woman, we need to check back in with poor Shelley. Last we saw her, she was waking up to discover her legs now ended at the knee with some rather gruesome stitches. But Dr. Arden’s not done with her just yet. She asks him if he’s going to kill her. He says no… “After this, you’ll probably live forever.” He then starts sticking her with needles as she screams in horror. Welcome back to Briarcliff, ladies and gentlemen! It’s truly a place where the fun never ends.

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