American Horror Story: Asylum Recap 11/21/12 – “The Origins Of Monstrosity”

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Happy Turkey Day, AHS fans! What better way to start celebrating Thanksgiving than by giving thanks that we’re not poor Lana, chained up in Bloody Face’s basement? So let’s sit back, stuff ourselves with pumpkin bread, and relive the horrifying sixty minutes this episode, The Origins Of Monstrosity, provided us with!

After two episodes in a row with no glimpse of the modern day¬†storyline, we once again open in 2012. An unknown voice is heard calling 911, and requesting that cars be sent to Briarcliff. Whoever’s on the end of the line has apparently been a “very busy boy.” The operator asks for his name, and he tells her “You’ll know my name when you see them… They were impostors.” The police arrives at Briarcliff to find a disturbing tableau: three Bloody Faces, dead, strung up by chains in the lofty atrium of the asylum’s grand staircase.

(Aside: While the following is my personal theory, you may consider it a SPOILER on the off-chance that I’m right – which I totally am. Did that voice on the phone sound a heck of a lot like Dylan McDermott to anyone else? It’s been reported that he’ll be appearing later this season, and he’d be the perfect age to be the child of Oliver Thredson and Lana Winters, if that child was conceived in 1964. If this turns out to be the case, remember – you read it here first! END OF POTENTIAL SPOILERS.)

Back in 1964, a woman has gone to Briarcliff¬†to tell Sister Jude about her crazy daughter. If you were worried that Jude had left the hospital for good at the end of the last episode, fret not; she was back in the habit and rarin’ to go. It appears that the woman believes her daughter, Jenny, killed her playdate, Josie, with some scissors. Jenny blamed the murder on a “bearded man in a brown coat,” but the man was never caught and the woman is sure of her own daughter’s guilt. She begs Sister Jude to take Jenny off her hands, but as Briarcliff doesn’t have a children’s ward, Jude refuses.

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