Arrow “Damaged” Recap 11/7/12

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On tonight’s episode of Arrow or “That’s Dude’s Crazy. No, Seriously. He Is.” We start off with a Bad Wig Flashback, easily the best part of the show. Unfortunately, it’s also accompanied by one of the worst parts of the show: the voiceover. Asian Robin Hood is trying to teach the still petulant Oliver to shoot because Oliver doesn’t want to just be the guy who gets the dead rabbit. Needless to say Oliver sucks so while going back to his original job of getting the dead rabbit, he’s captured by paramilitary guys and thrown into a hole. Back in the present the Oliver is taken to jail having been arrested last week by the world’s worst detective, Quentin Lance. The voiceover tells us this won’t last long. Credits…

Detective Lance questions Oliver who gives the world’s worst explanation for the video footage of him with the hood when Queen Mother and That Bond Dude show up. He tells them that he wants Dinah Laurel as his lawyer, which they rightly scoff at it. I’m sure they pay a fortune in retainer fees. Nonetheless, Queen Mother goes to Dinah Laurel who like everyone else thinks this is crazy—but when Queen Mother mentions that she thinks Oliver is so smitten with her is because of her idealism, you can practically hear her panties hit the floor. Yes, he loves you because of your mind and your career. Forget what this will do to the father you’ve already betrayed once. And she does, because moments after Oliver tries to act in his own defense, she shows up to defend him and gets him confined to his home with lo-jack on his ankle. Oddly, Oliver decides he’s going to throw a party to show the world he’s innocent and seriously, these incredible mood swings of his don’t have anyone thinking he needs professional help? Not that 5 years marooned alone shouldn’t have done it. Even Merlyn is against it, which is out of character for him, but that’s okay seeing as he won’t return for the rest of the episode. Seriously. The party boy pal isn’t showing up while his best friend is under arrest and throwing a party.

Quentin and Dinah Laurel are having their weekly fight about Oliver or Justice Hoodie (since calling him Green Arrow is too silly for this tough, gritty show) but this time his rage is justified and focused because it’s about the daughter he lost. Not matter what Dinah Laurel says to him it all goes back to “He got my daughter killed” which actually makes sense. We also finally get to see genuine acceptance from Dinah Laurel over the loss of her sister and her mother who has gone unmentioned for the entirety of this series. Apparently she left after Sarah died.

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