Arrow “Legacies” Recap 11/14/12

By on November 15, 2012
Arrow 2

This week on Arrow or “It’s Not Easy Not Being Green Arrow” we start off with a bank robbery by group in hockey masks with playing cards on them. They are The Royal Flush Gang. In the comics they’re fully dressed like a King, Queen, Jack of Hearts, etc and the Ace is a giant robot who exists mainly so Superman can have something to fight so he doesn’t just defeat them all in the literal blink of an eye and the Justice League can feel useful. They also flew around on giant playing cards. Now, if you can invent a flying playing card, why do you need to rob a bank? So in this one instance the TV interpretation is better way to go. They’re taking down the bank “Heat” style because that’s the only point of reference for film school grads when an off duty cop reaches for his gun and an apparently scared woman begs him not to so loudly the “Ace” hears her and shoots him. Before this he punched the bank manager gets punched in the face. Clearly he’s the loose cannon and the head gang member (The King) tells him to calm down. The cops show up, but when the doors open everyone runs out in a Royal Flush mask. The gang has tunneled out.

Now that his Bodyguard has joined Oliver in his insane quest they’re lovers. I mean, they work out together. The Bodyguard is in a tank top while Oliver is of course shirtless. If I were that actor I’d refuse to be shirtless next to Mister Six Pack too. They use metal fighting sticks which probably seemed cool to the idiot who came up with it because never having actually done this, it never occurred to him the vibrations of the impact would kill your hands. Oliver is schooling the Bodyguard and finally gives us the name of the Asian Robin Hood from the island: Yao Fei. He taught Oliver how to use the sticks. Oliver is planning to go after another rich guy, but The Bodyguard wants to go after the Royal Flush Gang. For once Oliver’s insane rant makes sense. “Street crime is a symptom of what’s wrong in this city. I’m going after the disease.” Honestly he would do more good going after the corrupt power company than chasing people who steal Federally Insured money. But The Bodyguard does actually believe they’re superheroes and have to help everyone. “I’m no hero,” Oliver correctly states, which leads us to another Bad Wig Flashback. This one however has Oliver’s dead father in it. Credits.

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