Arrow “Muse of Fire” Recap 11/28/2012

By on November 29, 2012
Arrow 3
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On tonight’s episode of Arrow or “There’s So Much Batman In This Show It’s Not Even Funny” Oliver is rolling up to meet his mother for lunch and I always find it funny when an actor can’t actually ride a motorcycle and they fake it so. freaking. poorly. Queen Mother is arguing with a man who wants a deal with her company when a person in all black on a motorcycle rides up and shoots him dead. Oliver stops to check on his mother before running after the shooter, who apparently feels no urgency to speed up after killing someone down in broad daylight. Of course Oliver catches up to the shooter and throws a metal rod through the spokes of the rear tire. This should utterly disable the bike, except that once a truck passes, the bike and the shooter aren’t there. Title Credits…

Queen Mother is in the hospital and as the Principal of Smallville High who has become a doctor in Star City tells us she has a slight concussion. Oliver’s story on running off to get the license plate number sounds weak because it is. What sounds plausible and human is that he ran after the assailant to catch them because he was so angry. What makes this more awkward is that his sister Speedy attacks the weak story, pointing out that he left his injured mother in the street. “In the street,” she repeats. It’s a valid point that Oliver is in fact so crazy in his mission he can’t even fake hide it. The conversation later with Diggle (I’m tired of calling him “The Bodyguard” or “Former Bodyguard”) doesn’t go much better because, you know, OLIVER IS CRAZY! Because he’s incapable of basic human relations any longer, his response to his mother almost being killed is to go after the shooter, not stay home with her. Ever when Detective Quentin Lance tells him she wasn’t the target. He doesn’t care. Why? Because OLIVER IS CRAZY!

The shooter was seriously driving slowly because they don’t arrive at their secret deserted warehouse hideout until nightfall—on a fully functioning bike—to reveal it’s a woman!!! And she’s got a bulletin board of faces she’s either killed or means to.

Meanwhile, in the story no one cares about, Tommy Merlyn shows up at Dinah Laurel’s place with dinner to ask her out. See? Who cares?

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