Boardwalk Empire Recap 11/18/12 Season Three “A Man, a Plan…”

By on November 19, 2012
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Every time “Boardwalk Empire” kills off one of my favorite characters, I become heartbroken and vow to never watch the show again. Of course, this feeling is temporary, because I’m soon itching to know what happens next. It’s a self-inflicted wound, I know, but what choice do I have when a show is this good? On that note, we’ll say goodbye to one of “Boardwalk’s” most popular characters, and say hello to a whole host of new drama, in tonight’s epsiode “A Man, a Plan…”

The episode name comes from what is apparently one of the most famous palindromes of the English language (although it was news to me): A man, a plan, a canal– Panama! Spell it forwards or spell it backwards, the phrase remains the same. It also alludes to the fate of Nucky Thompson’s right hand man, Owen Sleater, who was a man with a plan of his own tonight. Owen has been sleeping with the boss’s wife, Margaret, for quite some time now; what started as a one-time lapse in judgement soon developed into a true, committed affair. With Margaret’s two young children in tow, the two lovers formulated a plan to run away from Atlantic City forever and start a new life together in St. Louis.

But while Owen and Margaret were conspiring in secret, Richard and Julia were beginning a full-on public love affair. I’ve professed my undying devotion to this adorable new couple before, but if it’s even possible, they’ve become even sweeter. Richard, who may quite possibly be the kindest soul to ever troll the boardwalk, has finally found his match– and, potentially, true, lasting happiness. The episode opened with Richard and Julia enjoying a sunny beach day with Jimmy and Angela’s son Tommy. With any luck, Tommy’s psychopathic grandmother Gillian will meet her own deserved end, and Richard and Julia can raise Tommy as their own. Either way, the future looks bright for this young couple– so far, at least.

Out west in Chicago, Nelson Van Alden– who, as you’ll remember, is now selling his wife’s homemade liquor– found himself in a peculiar new position. Van Alden and his wife had been making and selling Aquavit, which is apparently a delicious Norwegian staple. Although his sale to a Norwegian restaurant owner originally goes well, Van Alden soon gets sold out by the man and taken away by gunpoint.

Of course, it seems at first like the work of the police, but it’s actually Al Capone and his guys who want their hands on Van Alden. Capone– who isn’t keen on a rival seller making the rounds on his turf– demands to know all about Van Alden’s deal with O’Banion. Did you ever think that Van Alden would ever find himself partnered up with Al Capone? (In case you needed more proof that this show is crazy.)

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  1. Lee

    November 19, 2012 at 2:15 am

    So . . . Owen Sleater is dead. Oh well. Too bad. He was a bastard who screwed his boss’ wife and lied to his girlfriend. He got what he deserved. Too bad Nucky didn’t get him first.

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