Boardwalk Empire Recap 11/25/12 Season Three “Two Imposters”

By on November 26, 2012
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Who knew it was possible to hold your breath for an entire hour? Now that Boardwalk Empire’s latest episode, “Two Imposters,” is over, we can all finally exhale. Owen’s dead, Gyp’s in charge, and Nucky’s in trouble; so, with the season three finale just around the corner, where do we begin?

For starters, Nucky Thompson is officially on the run. We opened tonight’s episode with Nucky and his devoted personal assistant/German manservant Eddie Kessler discussing what should be done with Owen Sleater’s body (R.I.P.). Margaret and the children have fled the Ritz Carlton, and while we don’t know where they are, they are presumably out of harm’s way– for now, at least.

With Gyp Rosetti hot on his heels, it’s clear that Nucky needs a plan, and fast. Unfortunately, time runs out quicker than expected when three of Gyp’s men arrive at Nucky’s office, armed and ready to gun him down. Thanks to some quick thinking (and some excellent, old gangster movie style directing), Nucky manages to take them out no problem. There’s the bad-ass we’ve been waiting for all season!

The only glitch in the plan occurs when Mr. Kessler gets shot. If you happened to be screaming, “Nooooo!” at your television screens that moment, then you are definitely not alone. Eddie’s loyalty to Nucky has been unwavering up to this point, and finally, Nucky manages to return the favor. After a stop at the hospital proves to be impossible (there weren’t just nurses waiting to greet them), the pair heads to Chalky White’s headquarters by the sea.

Where has Chalky been all season? Am I the only one who’s missed him? Regardless, tonight’s episode more than made up for Chalky’s unfortunate lack of screen time this season. With hospital care out of the question for Eddie, Chalky calls in Lester, a young medical student and his daughter’s former suitor. Despite the fact that Lester is “just a student,” he does his best to clean and treat Eddie’s wound (with only whiskey as sedative). And just when you’re thinking that things can’t get any worse for Nucky, they somehow do.

But before we get to that, let’s visit with everyone’s favorite war vet, Richard Harrow. With Gyp and his men now having taken up shop in Gillian’s whore house, Richard has found himself being pushed out. When Gillian catches Richard bundling up Tommy for a visit to Julia Sagorsky’s house, Gillian proceeds to fire him (but not before saying some horribly mean things, in true Gillian Darmody fashion). Poor, poor little Tommy.

When we finally left Richard at the end of the episode, he was packing up his guns with a rather determined look on his face. Could he be planning on taking out Gyp– or even Gillian– himself? A girl can dream. Meanwhile in New York, Lucky Luciano found himself on the wrong side of a bad heroin deal when he was busted by an undercover cop.

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  1. JusticeBorn7

    November 26, 2012 at 11:43 am

    The medical student’s name isn’t “Lester,” a name you just pulled out of thin air. His name is Samuel and he is the beau of Chalky’s daughter Maybelle. SMH.

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