Boardwalk Empire Recap 11/4/2012 Season Three “The Pony”

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With a Presidential Election just around the corner and a devastating hurricane to clean up after, you (like most Americans) have probably spent the past week glued to breaking news on your televisions. But who needs CNN? Because on the latest episode of Boardwalk Empire, “The Pony,” there were plenty of exciting developments and breaking stories. Things have been heating up on the show for a while now, but on tonight’s episode, the flames were quite literal. Join me for a wild ride on “The Pony,” will you?

Let’s start with the latest Atlantic City Newsflash: World War I veteran, Princeton drop out, and (sometimes) devoted husband and father James Darmody has died. Oh wait, you knew that already? Of course, any Boardwalk fan knows that Jimmy has been dead for months, and at the hand of his former mentor Nucky Thompson, no less. But because Jimmy’s mother, Gillian, has a mind more twisted than any horror flick could dream up, she decided to pass off her son’s death as a current event. Last week, the poor grieving mother spent her Easter Sunday seducing and then murdering a young Jimmy look-a-like, Roger McAllister. This week, we learned that it was in order to pass Roger off as her dead son in an attempt to fool anyone who thought that Jimmy was still alive.

She may have fooled some, but among the people who know the truth are Jimmy’s friend and colleague, Richard, and obviously his murderer, Nucky himself. Nucky attends Jimmy’s “funeral,” and after offering false condolences to Gillian, all pretense quickly fades. Gillian accuses Nucky of killing her son and throws a drink in his face, while Nucky threatens Gillian’s livelihood. “Here’s something to keep in your mind: you exist in this town because I allow you to,” Nucky tells her. Nucky may not be the world’s most honest man, but here, he’s telling the truth. I’d sleep with one eye open, G!

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