Brooke Burke-Charvet Has Thyroid Cancer – Video

By on November 9, 2012
"Brooke Burke"

"Brooke Burke"

Dancing with the Stars co-host Brooke Burke-Charvet announced she has thyroid cancer.

Revealing her shocking diagnosis in a video on her website, Modern Mom, Burke said,

“I feel really good….. “I’ve never felt better. That’s what’s so crazy about this whole thing, and you never ever think that some tiny nodule, something that I didn’t even know was going on in my body — I went for a regular physical, and that’s how I discovered this.”

Back in July, Brooke wrote that she had been ignoring her doctor’s recommendation to undergo a thyroid ultrasound after he found a lump in her neck during her routine exam.  After hearing her friend’s story about her own thyroid cancer experience, she decided to face her fears and make the appointment.

Burke-Charvet speaks about the cancer in the video saying the doctors told her this is the “good cancer.”  She expressed her surprise, like the rest of us, that any cancer could be good.  “Good cancer” only means it is treatable and has a highly successful cure rate.

She will need surgery to remove the cancer.  Check out Brooke’s video on page 2.

We are thinking of Brooke during this very difficult time.

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