Castle Recap 11/19/12 Season 5 Episode 8 “After Hours”

By on November 20, 2012
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Tonight’s Castle opened with an awkward dinner with Castle, his mother, Beckett, and her father.  Needless to say, the staunch lawyer that is Beckett’s father and Castle’s less than traditional mother, did not hit it off.  Thankfully the disastrous diner was interrupted by a murder.

A priest is found dead in a warehouse and it is up to team Caskett to figure out whodunit.  Castle and Beckett get a lead on a potential witness and travel all the way up to the Bronx to talk to him while Ryan and Esposito interview a nun from the departed Father’s parish bring up some rather fun moments between the two as Ryan must relay the PTSD those of us who have experienced catholic school feel whenever meeting a Sister as an adult.  Truly, nuns are on my “top five most terrifying things list.”  Thank you, Sister Margaret, for your everlasting impression.

The nun explains to Ryan and Esposito that the Father was good friends with an Irish mobster, Mickey Dolan, the enforcer for the O’Reilly Family, and notorious killer.  The Father and the mobster had an argument recently and then two days later, the priest is dead.

Cut to Castle and Beckett arriving at the witness’s door when they also meet O’Reilly thugs who are also looking for the witness, probably to kill him so that he can’t squeal on Dolan.  Thankfully Castle and Beckett get away with the witness.  Unfortunately Beckett’s car has been stolen, the mobsters have their phones and wallets, and the three of them are trapped in a rough part of the Bronx with no wheels or a way to call for help.

The bulk of the episode after this entails Castle and Beckett running around the Bronx hiding from the mobsters and trying to get to a phone or a way back to Manhattan.

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