Criminal Minds Recap 11/14/12 – The Fallen

By on November 15, 2012
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In this week’s episode of Criminal Minds the show opens with a night area view of Santa Monica Pier. We see a young woman named Lindsey singing and playing her acoustic guitar in the nearby park. A man is at his home getting dressed. He combs his hair, he then pulls out a box to reveal a couple of wrist watches and below the watches are a few small knives. He is wearing black leather gloves, as he immediately grabs for the knife.

The next time we see Lindsey, she’s happy, as a young man wearing blue jeans, black jacket and leather gloves throws money into her guitar case. She leaves with this gentleman. He opens his car door for her to get in. She does, while getting comfortable in the passenger seat. He walks around the car to open his door with his black gloves. Inside the driver’s seat, he leans over and stabs her in the stomach. After this act, he drives away into the darken night.

The next morning, an aerial view of New York City’s skyline, Amanda, Rossi’s agent is on the telephone with him. They’re discussing his manuscript, she is ecstatic about his upcoming book; he is seated at his desk in his home office there he doesn’t seem to share her enthusiasm. At this time, she asks for his dedication page.

At the BAU offices, the team is assembled around the table. Garcia begins her slide show of three charred bodies: two male and one female. The female is Lindsey.
On the plane, the BAU team is off to Los Angeles, California. They discuss the case theorizing that Lindsey’s body was only 12 hours old and that her cell phone text numbers are from Minnesota.

Later that morning, JJ and Derek are at the crime scene: the Park. They look for clues. They find nothing, as the bustling Santa Monica Pier in the distance catches their attention. In a different parking lot, Hotch’s cell goes off and it’s Garcia. She gives him a lead about a mail center. Rossi and Hotch arrive at this destination to find that it’s not an apartment building like they thought, but a place where Lindsey received her mail. Later at the FBI offices, Hotch sits down with Lindsey’s mom and asked her about why her daughter was in Los Angeles…like most people flocking to the City of Angeles, she was chasing her dream.

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