Criminal Minds Recap 11/28/12 – Magnificent Light

By on November 29, 2012
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In this week’s episode of Criminal Minds opens with a single flamed fire and a male’s voice accompanying the movement of the fire. Poof, the lights come on and there’s a male motivational speaker, Barry Flynn, who rushes to the front of the stage where he stands in the center of the spotlight to speak with his elated audience.

In the crowd, we notice that Barry chooses Cynthia. After his show, Cynthia and Barry meet for a one-on-one session; but Barry is angry, so he cuts their meeting short. He leaves Cynthia on the stage, while Cynthia exits through the backstage door. It’s night, Cynthia is not focused; if she was, she would have noticed that a male wearing a bright, yellow jacket with a hood is following behind her down an abandon light street.

When Cynthia gets home she walks over to her bookshelf, where she picks up Barry’s book. She opens it and places her ticket inside. After that, she turns on her compact disc player and we hear Barry’s voice. She is happy and heads for the kitchen to pour herself a glass of red wine. As she grabs for her wine glass, she is interrupted by the unsub, who instantly slashes her with a curved knife.

At the BAU offices, Garcia meets up with Morgan. They talk about the British invitation Morgan has just received. He brushes off Garcia’s interest in this secretive invitation. In the conference room is the BAU team; they’re already assembled around the round table. Garcia begins her slideshow with two victims: one male, Lincoln Bell and one female, Cynthia. In one slide: the agents see, written on the wall, in red paint reads, “Hear No Evil, See No Evil.” The team begins to theorize about how the two victims are connected. Next we see, the unsub drawing on white paper. His black pencil drawings are hanging on the wall in front of him. They’re colorful post-it notes attached to them. On his desk is the curved knife, which just killed Cynthia.

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