Dexter Recap 11/11/12 Season 7, Episode 7 “Chemistry”

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Episode seven of Dexter opened with Hannah and Dexter lying together naked, after last weeks episode ended with Dexter choosing not to kill Hannah, but both of them sleeping together instead.

This was a massive turning point in their relationship, and Dexter’s personal life since Rita was killed. It set the tone for the entire episode with Dexter and Hannah finding themselves drawn to each other.

This episode saw the Sal Price storyline continue, but Sal didn’t make it through the episode because Hannah, after being spooked by Sal telling her he was going to write his book featuring information on Hannah being a killer as well as her relationship with Dexter, she takes matters into her own hands and poisoned him with the same plant she used to kill her friend Beverley. Dexter had a plan to get Sal to back off, including framing him for an unsolved murder he wrote a book on. The Sal Price storyline was a way to show that Hannah and Dexter are both murderers, and have a strong connection to each other by helping each other out.

Deb spends all of this episode trying to prove that Hannah is a killer, including exhuming the body of Hannah’s deceased husband who Deb believes died of a heart attack.

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