Dexter Recap 11/19/12 Season 7, Episode 8 “Argentina”

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In the eighth episode of Dexter, Dexter is coming to terms with what Deb previously asked him to do, and that was kill Hannah McKay. Dexter tells Deb he can not kill Hannah, because he thinks he is possibly in love with Hannah, because she understands his need to kill more than any other woman in his life has before. Dexter’s reasoning to Deb on why he won’t kill Hannah is because he says he doesn’t want Deb to risk her personal or professional life any further than she already has. But Deb quickly finds out that is not the truth, and Dexter has let his personal feelings towards Hannah get in the way. Later in the episode we see Dexter at the beach with Astor, Cody and Harrison when Hannah comes to pick up her keys, and realises she had no idea Dexter had children. When Dexter tells Deb he can’t kill Hannah, Deb blurts out that she is in love with him, a concept not really touched on this season but played a large part in the last season. It makes for uncomfortable viewing, and will be interesting to see how the rest of the season pans out for their relationship.

As mentioned above, Cody and Astor returned to Miami for the first time this season, and Astor has turned into a moody teenager who now smokes pot, much to Deb and Dexter’s shock. She is struggling to deal without Rita and Dexter in her life, and her chatting to Dexter was interesting to see how much trust and faith she now has in him, after blaming him for Rita’s death.

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