Dez Duron Eliminated from The Voice 11/27/12 Video

By on November 28, 2012
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The Voice had a shocking double elimination tonight, following last night’s Top 8 performance show.

The very handsome Dez thrilled the crowd with his take on Justin Bieber’s “You Smile”, during the performance show.

Dez’s Song “You Smile” – Dez is Christina’s only artist left in the competition, so for her – everything is riding in Dez. And for Dez, everything is riding on Dez. So really, Dez has a lot of pressure right now. But he seems to be taking it in stride since he opens his set by lounging on a set of lacquered, light-up stairs. In the behind-the-scenes shots, Christina said that she wanted Dez to show that he had more to him than just singing “crooner” songs, and that he could sing a pop song as well… but this rendition is seeming very “crooner”ish. Regardless, Dez still did a pretty great job.

Judges’ Comments: Cee Lo comments on Dez’s other talents (football, being a genius, etc) and says it’s “hard to believe” he can be so good at other things too, however he doesn’t think it was his best performance. Adam also agrees that it wasn’t his best, but wants to applaud him for “walking away from something [he] had.” Blake tells Dez that he’s always known he has that “star quality,” and he’s glad to see that they “went there again” with his performance (meaning the soulful vibe) and that he did great. Christina tells Dez that he “killed it, killed it, killed it, KIIIILLED it,” while also saying that no one else can do what Dez does as well as Dez does it.

Unfortunately, the very talented and adorable Dez was eliminated tonight.  Watch his performance video on page 2!!

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