One Direction and The Wanted Twitter Feud

By on November 23, 2012

One Direction and The Wanted had a full blown twitter feud before their pr reps stepped in and deleted all of the tweets.

One Direction’s Zayn Malik called The Wanted’s Max George a “geek,” commenting on a photo of George with Psy tweeting, “The first step is acceptance #geekoftheweek” continued with another tweet, “Your [Twitter] display just [s]how’s how much of a wannabe you are :)”

George fired back with, “That’s not very nice. I was just starting to like you and your RnB hits.”

It wasn’t long before members of One Direction and The Wanted stepped in to stick up for their boys. George’s band mate Tom Parker chimed in, “I think ’1 stripes’ got his knickers in a twist bro,” referring to the blonde streak in Malik’s hair.

Malik shot back at Parker, “Mate if I had a face like yours my hair would be the last thing I’d worry about :)” and One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson told Parker, “Pipe down bad boy.”

Malik later wrote to George and Parker, “Let’s not even start discussing vocal ability boys 😉 would love to chat gotta run though rehearsals.” With George replying, “Enjoy rehearsals. Stay off the bud… It clearly makes u cranky.”

Don’t bother looking for the tweets, the pr people stepped in and deleted them.

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