Disney’s New Fantasyland ‘Be Our Guest’ Restaurant Review

By on November 11, 2012

Disney’s New Fantasyland has an amazing new restaurant, Be My Guest, that is not just about the food but about the experience.

Be Our Guest, located at the base of the mountain below Beast castle, transports diners to the magical world of the Disney film Beauty and the Beast.

The restaurant features three dining rooms – each with their own theme. The West Wing, featuring an enchanted rose and a painting of Gaston that changes into the Beast (don’t blink or you may miss it). The Rose Gallery, which is only open for lunch, has figures of Belle and Beast around the room and of course, The Ballroom, with 20 foot ceilings and a chandelier fit for any princess, and an amazing view of falling snow. Yes – snow.

The restaurant is great since it is open for lunch where the diners order their meals at Kiosks while for dinner, it is a formal sit down restaurant.

Like everything else in Disney, even the restaurant was well thought out. Spending more than three years to develop the French-inspired menu, it is a sure fire hit!! I ate dinner there and the food was delicious. For the first time in Disney history, beer and wine is available to the patrons of the restaurant.

The restaurant is not only about the food but about immersing the people in the story of Beauty and the Beast,  something that is achieved from the moment you set up foot in the restaurant.

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