Disney’s New Fantasyland – Enchanted Tales With Belle – a Must See

By on November 7, 2012

Disney’s New Fantasyland is set to officially open on December 6, 2012.

I had the pleasure of visiting the New Fantasyland to preview what is sure to be a favorite part of Disney for both adults and children alike.

The first attraction I saw was Maurice’s Workshop. The visit to Maurice’s workshop is an interactive experience from the second you enter the workshop until you leave to visit the next attraction. Maurice’s cottage is an experience and not a standard meet and greet. The attraction allows you to become a part of the fan favorite movie, Beauty and the Beast, and live out your dreams of not only meeting the characters, but becoming a part of the story.

While waiting to enter the attraction, costumes are provided for those interested in participating in Belle’s surprise party. Visitors are an active part of the attraction playing the part of Mrs. Potts and Chip, the Beast, Maurice, Philipe, Maurice’s horse and many more roles. To make sure there aren’t any disappointed visitors, once all of the roles are filled, the fork and spoon are also available so that everyone who wants to can participate.

Known for their attention to detail, Disney added some impressive life-like characters to Maurice’s Cottage including a magic mirror, an animated Madame Wardrobe as well as a candelabra that speaks.

The volunteers who participated in the show received a bookmark and a photo op with Belle.

This is an attraction that is a must see and cannot be missed!!

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