Elementary Recap 11/29/12 ‘The Long Fuse’

By on November 30, 2012

It all begins with Sherlock staring at multiple TVs all playing something different, attempting to memorize everything.  Watson comes in to tell him that he needs to find a sponsor because she’s leaving in a few weeks.  She’s already arranged for Sherlock to meet with a potential sponsor, and he reluctantly agrees to go.

Meanwhile an unsuspecting web design company is going about its work day.  A pager begins to beep from inside the air vent and soon there’s an explosion that results in two deaths.

Cut to Sherlock and Watson at the crime scene.  He’s getting a little sentimental over Watson moving on to another client, except she reveals that she isn’t going to take another client. Quickly Sherlock is distracted by clues, finding the bomb’s detonator in the motherboard of a pager.

Watson attempts to have Sherlock meet a potential sponsor, but the meeting bombs ends with Sherlock walking out on the guy when the answer to Sherlock’s hypothetical question isn’t the answer he wants to hear.  Soon the captain calls and Sherlock, followed by Watson, enter the precinct to find a bombing suspect.  The suspect quickly rules himself out.  Yes he called the pager and set the bomb off, but it was an accident. He was trying to call a local deli for lunch.

Soon Sherlock discovers that the bomb was actually 4 years old and supposed to go off in 2008.  Who could the intended target be?  Easy.  The PR business that occupied that space back in 2008.  They had potential enemies in the form of eco terrorists thanks to their corporate clients involved in the energy industry.

Between investigations Sherlock and Watson attend a meeting, where Watson continues to push Sherlock to find himself a sponsor.  So he picks a guy named Alfredo from that particular meeting.

The new suspect is an environmentalist bomb maker, who admitted to bombing many businesses, but not that one.  Even his bombs were environmentally friendly and Sherlock did his own tests to conclude that this man was telling the truth.  The bomb that went off was made of all sorts of chemicals.  He rules the environmentalist out, but the captain isn’t so sure.

Sherlock’s next step is to search the company’s records looking for disgruntled employees.  In the process, he stands Alfredo and Watson up for their first meeting.  The company CEO comes across as a bit flirty with Sherlock as he’s doing his search.  She’s talking about their love for crossword puzzles; he tells her she wants to have sex with him and the feeling is mutual.  She’s a bit creeped out and walks away as Watson enters.

Suspect number three is Pradeep Singh–a former disgruntled employee right at the time that the bomb was created.  This man also disappeared right after having a fight with the CIO and was never found.  Sherlock and Watson visit his wife.  As soon as Sherlock gets the wife to leave the room, he does some investigating and finds much more than he intends to–Pradeep’s dead body sealed into the wall.  Turns out he wasn’t the bomber, but the bombee.

Pradeep’s safety deposit key leads to a box containing a VHS tape that finally reveals the true killer.  Turns out he had a tape-recorded encounter with a prostitute, who ends up later becoming the CEO of the company he works for and then leaves.  She shot Pradeep and hid him in the wall after her attempt to blow him up at work failed.  The captain has the CEO brought in, shows her the tape, and quickly arrests her for murder.  Another case solved.

While Sherlock tries to undo his selection of Alfredo as his sponsor, Alfredo still comes knocking on Sherlock’s door.  Turns out he works with high end security systems for luxury cars, and he offers to let Sherlock pick the lock to a Ferrari.  That’s quite the temptation and after a little push from Watson, who reminds Sherlock of her pending departure, that’s just what he does.

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