General Hospital Recap for 10/29 to 11/2

By on November 15, 2012
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This week in Port Charles…

Sam scowls when she sees Carly at her door. What does Carly want? Carly invites herself in, saying she is here to take care of Sam. It is what Jason would want. Sam rudely tries to kick Carly out but Carly insists that she needs be here—to honor Jason. Sam can’t believe that Carly is here, considering that she believes Todd had nothing to do with Sam’s baby switch. Carly defends her choices and gives Sam the last voice message Jason ever left her.

Sam isn’t the only one receiving unwelcome visitors. Trey can’t believe it when Connie knocks on his door. Connie tries to play nice, but Trey sees right through her—especially when Connie insists that Kate is the one who abandoned him. Trey growls that he intends to do something…like commit his mother!

Michael finds Sonny taking his grief over Jason and Kate out on a punching bag. Michael tells his dad how he broke the news of Jason’s death to Monica and how upset Monica got when Michael said that Jason was a second dad to him. Michael wants to take Jason’s place in the organization, but Sonny refuses once again. Later Trey arrives to say he will help Sonny get Kate back. Sonny is relieved, but Trey makes it clear that he is doing this for Starr. When Trey returns home, he finds Starr and Kristina bonding over Thai food.

Monica beams as she welcomes her presumed dead son home. AJ thanks Monica again for saving his life. We learn through really hokey flashbacks that AJ had died (after breaking his back           , but came back to life when he heard Monica profess her motherly love. Monica then swore Steve to secret and sent AJ away to receive physical therapy, heal and avoid jail time. Monica thanks AJ for coming so soon after Jason’s death and thinks he needs to leave, but AJ has no intention of doing so, especially when he hears Michael enter. AJ listens intently as Michael checks in on Monica. He didn’t mean to upset her earlier and wants her to come to him should he need anything. Monica gives Michael a framed photo of AJ and Jason and hugs him. Later Monica tells AJ that he has to leave, but AJ refuses. He wants to get to know Michael!

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