General Hospital Recap Week of October 22 to 26

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This week in Port Charles…Hurricane Sandy has missed the city, but it’s still a bad week for some folks.

Dante arrives at the hospital where he finds Lulu wiping her eyes. What’s wrong? Lulu confesses that she has a condition where she can get pregnant, but cannot the baby to term. Now their dream of having a little blonde girl or dark-haired boy to watch Jets games with is gone! Dr. V enters and gently suggests that they can explore alternative avenues to having children when they are ready. Dante sits with Lulu to comfort her, but ends up leaving when he gets a call to come to the docks. Lulu urges Dante to go to work and later bumps into Maxie, who has just returned from a visit to Matt at Pentonville. Lulu tells Maxie that she can’t have children, so Maxie tries to cheer her BFF up with drinks at the Floating Rib.

Spinelli brings Ellie to the Floating Rib where they try whiskey and watch Mac and Shaun get hustled by Felicia and Alexis at strip pool. Ellie can’t help but be fascinated by Shaun’s pecs, much to Spinelli’s dismay. Worried about the chemistry between Ellie and Spinelli, Felicia drops heavy hints to Spinelli that he shouldn’t forget about Maxie just yet. Later when Maxie and Lulu arrive, Maxie can’t help but mention her impending divorce to Spinelli, despite Lulu’s advice.

Sonny arrives at Starr and Trey’s apartment just in time to hear the cops (sent by Dante) question Trey about his father’s whereabouts. Trey admits his dad was here and tried to take Starr hostage. Sonny then gets a call from Bernie, who weakly whispers, “Come to the pier!” Sonny takes off and naturally Michael wants to go, too, but Starr holds him back. She wouldn’t be able to handle it if she lost someone else she cared about! Trey, however, gets a mysterious phone call and takes off.

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