Glee Recap 11/15/12 – ‘Glease’

By on November 16, 2012
Grease Tour
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Grease is the word!

This week at McKinley we got to see the kids of New Directions mount their production of that most ubiquitous of high school musicals, and all the drama that ensued (which, this being Glee, was plentiful).

We open on Mr. Schuester waltzing into the choir room to make an announcement. Brittany’s first thought: “Adele is dead.” Fortunately, the news is much less tragic, and much more welcome for fans long-frustrated with Schue’s useless presence on the show: Will is leaving for DC! And he’ll be missing sectionals! Fortunately, he’s got his mini-me, aka Finn Hudson, waiting in the wings as his replacement. Tina, of all people, is outraged at this turn of events and utters more words than she has in the past five episodes combined. Seems she’s not too keen on the idea of a friend of hers who graduated four months ago basically becoming her new boss. Can’t say I blame her, but I would take Finn over Schue any day.

Will and Finn are promptly dragged by Sue into Figgins’ office. Sue overheard the announcement of Finn’s new position because she replaced the eyes of the fat lady on the plaque in the choir room with cameras. She protests that Finn isn’t a certified teacher, but Figgins overrules her: as Glee Club is just an extracurricular activity and not a class, it doesn’t need a certified teacher, just an adult supervisor. (I would still take issue with Finn Hudson being identified as an “adult,” but the point stands.) Sue storms out in one of her patented rages, underscored by the booming chorus of Carmina Burana, scattering students like a frightened flock of pigeons.

Next: Rachel makes a big mistake.

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