Glee Recap 11/29/12 – ‘Thanksgiving’

By on November 30, 2012
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Last we saw New Directions, they were dressing up as superheroes, getting in paint fights, and generally ignoring the fact that Sectionals was in a week and they should really be choosing a set list and rehearsing. Now the competition has arrived, but are the Glee kids ready? Only time will tell. But first, there are some familiar faces to reacquaint ourselves with…

Quinn Fabray is back! The episode opens with our favorite blonde cheerleader back on stage at McKinley, slowly singing the tune of Simon & Garfunkel’s classic Homeward Bound. She’s joined by Puck! And then Mike! And Santana and Mercedes and Finn! The gang’s all back together (minus Rachel and Kurt, sadly) and it feels so good. Their voices blend beautifully and it all feels very old-school and nostalgic. I hope you had a box of tissues on stand-by.

After they wrap up their powerful performance, we go to check in with Marley, and the contrast is a stark reminder that Glee is no longer the same show it was (up to you to decide whether or not you like the change, but you can’t deny the show is fundamentally different these days). Marley is generally acting neurotic, reminiscing about a dream she used to have of performing onstage, and being nervous about how soon it will become a reality. We’re reminded how self-conscious she is about her weight and I’m reminded how ridiculous this story line is. Homegirl needs to realize that Kitty is messing with her, stat.

Our trip down memory lane continues when the old gang grabs a bite together at Breadsticks. Everyone’s catching up, they remark on Rachel and Kurt’s absence, and Quinn admits she hasn’t used the train ticket to NYC Rachel gave her last season (continuity!) because she’s been too busy being inducted into Yale’s only all-female secret society (famous former members include Hillary Clinton and Jennifer Beals). Finn has a favor to ask of his fellow graduates:

At the next glee rehearsal, Finn pairs each of the grads up with a freshman member of New Directions: Puck with Jake (natch), Mike with Ryder, Quinn with Kitty, Santana with Marley, and Mercedes with Unique. (Brittany: “I knew it. Mercedes was cloned.”) Each former member is supposed to mentor the newbies on how to be a national champion.

Next: Unholy Trinity… Unite!

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