Glee Recap 11/8/12 – ‘The Role You Were Born to Play’

By on November 9, 2012
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After an extended (and painful) hiatus, we finally return to the halls of McKinley High School tonight to witness the auditions for this year’s musical – GREASE!

First of all, a quick recap of where we left off five weeks ago: Rachel and Finn officially broke up, Santana and Brittany “unofficially” broke up, Blaine and Kurt are on the rocks after Blaine cheated, and Will and Emma are going through a rough patch due to Will’s impending move to DC. Oh, and Jake dumped Kitty, but they were only together for a hot second so who cares.

It seems that after Rachel dumped Finn and flew back to NYC, he took a job in Burt’s tire shop. Poor Finn… Thank goodness Artie shows up with a proposition for Finn: help direct Grease. Because going back to the high school you graduated from five months ago to direct your friends for free is SUCH an improvement over working in your stepdad’s garage.

Next we check in with Blaine. He’s having a rough time after his falling out with Kurt, aka “the love of his life.” (You’re only 16, kid! Yeesh.) Apparently Blaine is SO depressed he’s stopped gelling his hair on the weekends, and Blaine NEVER goes without gel, unless the senior class president decides to ban hair gel from prom because it doesn’t fit in with her prehistoric dinosaur theme. But I digress. Blaine slips into a melancholy rendition of Hopelessly Devoted To You that involves him staring wistfully at couples who look like they’re in their thirties strolling across the McKinley football field. The song segues into Blaine’s audition for Grease, but as soon as he stops singing, he tells Finn he can’t do the show — he’s too depressed. Apparently his love life is such a failure, he wouldn’t be able to play the romantic scenes with any emotional truth. Though disappointed, Finn admires Blaine for “going all Masterpiece Theater.”

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