Happy Endings 11/13/12 Season 3, Episode 3 “Boyz II Menorah”

By on November 14, 2012
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If it seems like Happy Endings has betrayed its title and eased up on the dirty jokes, they returned tonight almost immediately as Max—working as a bar mitzvah MC—tries to introduce the guest of honor as “He entered a boy…nope not working. He came in a…let’s just bring him out.” Also back in the cold opening is the running gag of Alex not quite grasping things like how she can’t eat kosher and add bacon to that. Penny thinks she always wanted to marry a Jewish guy but the man she’s describing is just The Fonz. Jane says she felt likewise until she met this “piece of chocolate” but of course the man she grabs is not Brad who has joined Max out on the dance floor.

Jane is visiting Dave and Alex who have settled into the mundane very quickly. She suggests they spice it up like her and Brad and we see them role-playing as a cop and a guy she pulls over and this was so great it has to be repeated verbatim: “I need to see your license, registration and proof of penis.” “This is outrageous! I’m going o need to see you vadge number.” “It’s number one.” I heart this show so hard.

At breakfast the next day, while dealing with the fact that the short guy with a mustache she met was actually a tall 13-year-old, Penny suggests that Brad work with Max as a bar mitzvah MC because they’re so good together. Brad is perhaps too enthusiastic about doing it while Max insists it’s a hard job. This is disproven by Brad learning the entire routine in 15 minutes. Penny is now sending photos to the 13-year-old’s older brother. “I knew was wrong the moment I said it…his older brother’s gonna want more cleave.”

Alex tries to spice up her life with Dave per Jane’s suggestion by trying to create the clichéd scene where two people painting flick paint at one another then wind up having sex. Dave thinks she’s been inhaling too many paint fumes and needs to open a window. He’s proven right when she attempts to playfully flick paint at him and it goes directly into his eye. He storms off to the bathroom (while also stepping in paint) while she announces she also has “the pottery wheel from Ghost.”

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