Justin Bieber Will Not Be Charged for Paparazzi Incident

By on November 22, 2012

Pop Star, Justin Bieber, who was accused of striking a photographer, will not be charged.

On May 27th, after leaving a movie theater with on again/off again girlfriend, Selena Gomez, Bieber had an encounter with a “pap” and may have struck him. Investigators were not able to find any visible evidence of there having been a scuffle, and because of this, the Los Angeles District attorney will not be looking to file any charges against Bieber.

Bieber, whose recent break-up, make-up, break-up, make-up, with Gomez, has been covered a lot by the media, has had a rough week. Recently, a story ran that Bieber and Gomez had a huge fight, and Bieber was forced to apologize for his songs outside of Gomez’s window (that didn’t happen…or at least it wasn’t reported….) So, not being charged for this paparazzi incident may be a bright spot for Canada’s worst gift to America.

Bieber may have to work a little harder to gain his street cred.

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