Kristin Chenoweth Dating The Bachelor Jake Pavelka – Officially Declared Crazy

By on November 15, 2012

Kristen Chenoweth is dating Jake Pavelka.

"Kristin Chenoweth"

This leaves her fans questioning whether the actress, who hurt herself a couple of months ago while filming on The Good Wife, is crazy or if she has officially lost her mind.

Jake Pavelka is famous for being The Bachelor, getting engaged to the trampy Vienna Girardi and treating her horribly before dumping her. He has also been searching for his additional 15 minutes of fame since appearing on The Bachelor. He competed on Dancing With the Stars and had a guest starring role on Drop Dead Diva.

Chenoweth and Pavelka were spotted enjoying a romantic dinner together this week in Hollywood, where they were seen holding hands across the table and nuzzling. Jake was said to be “so into Kristin,” with stars in his eyes. Those were stars in his eyes but they weren’t necessarily for Kristen but for the photographers spotting him out with someone famous.

Do you think Kristin and Jake make a good couple or did that bump on her head cause injury to her sense of judgement?

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