Megan Fox in ‘This is 40’ – Video Here

By on November 20, 2012

In what looks like one of many funny scenes in the movie, This is 40, Megan Fox makes a cameo where Leslie Mann has the privilege of touching Fox’s breasts to see if they are real.  Yes, she really did and yes, they really are.  At least in the movie.

A private screening of the movie took place on Monday (November 19) in Beverly Hills, California.

The movie, This is 40, takes a look at Pete and Debbie from Knocked Up and their marriage all these years later.

With a cast like Melissa McCarthy and Jason Segal, along with Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann how could this movie not be funny.

Check out the video on page 2.  It is NSFW so keep the volume down.  And then let us know what you think?  If you have been married for a while, somewhere in the 40’s, can you completely relate to the video?  This looks like another funny one by Judd Apatow.  See you at the movies.

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