Nashville Recap 11/14/12 Season 1 ‘You’re Gonna Change (Or I’m Gonna Leave)’

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This was a pretty disappointing Nashville episode.  In fact, it may be the last one I can convince The Husband to watch with me.  It was just punch after annoying punch (with some whiskey shots mixed in).

Let’s start with Juliette Barnes who is still trying to redeem her reputation after the nail polish shoplifting scandal.  Her PR rep has her participate in some sort of baby zoo animal fundraiser.  Juliette is annoyed as ever to be there but puts on a fake smile.  The best part of the episode was some sort of infant rodent that clung to her face and started eating her hair.  The picture of this incident blew up like wildfire on Twitter, getting her 20,000 new followers in one day (impressive!).  It is at the zoo event where she meets the handsome Sean Butler, a rookie NFL quarterback who looks like he’s at most 17 years old.  The two of them go out for lunch (set up by their reps to improve their reputation) and Juliette keeps ripping on Sean as he seems to be a “choir boy” – a goody two shoes which she deems too boring for her wild side.  Only Juliette finds out he’s not as bad as she thinks and about 5 minutes into their meal, she convinces him that they should jet off to Miami together and she’ll have him back for curfew.

The Husband got angry at this point because flights from Nashville to Miami are at least 2 hours, meaning they’d NEVER be back by his curfew.  Whatever.  So Choir NFL Quarterback Rookie Guy doesn’t drink which seems to amuse Juliette even more.  She somehow manages to change into a gold sequin tube top (which I’m guessing she stashes in her private jet for occasions like this) in time to bring Sean to a Miami club.  But if this really was a Miami club, we’d know that Juliette was way overdressed.  Juliette drinks a bunch, then sneaks out the back of the club with Sean only to get harassed by a Pap with a camera.  Sean’s chivalrous side comes out as he pushes the camera guy down and seems to break his camera.  But the camera is just fine (for all worried) because a pic surfaces on the Internet of a drunken looking but actually sober Sean.  This is devastating for some reason to both Juliette and Sean’s careers and Juliette flies the Pap out to Nashville to pay him off in exchange for the bad Sean photo.  This is ludicrous, but I guess not every episode can feature awesome country songs back to back to back.

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