Private Practice Recap 11/13/12 Season 6 Episode 5 ‘The Next Episode’

By on November 14, 2012
Private Practice
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Every day we make choices. Like it or not, those choices come to define us.

This episode of Private Practice chooses to focus primarily on Sam. He has decided to let his life be filmed for a reality television pilot. While it seems like a very non-Sam-like move, he justifies it by relating it back to his work. He hopes to use the platform to spread the message of heart health to a wider audience.

But of course as the cameras follow Sam through the Seaside Wellness Center and pass by his beautiful ex-girlfriend, his beautiful ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend, and his dead best friend’s widow crying in his dead best friend’s empty office, it becomes clear to everyone but Sam that the Reality show is not interested in promoting heart health. They’re there for the same reason that we are—for the relationship drama(s).

The primary relationship drama in this episode (unfortunately) doesn’t have anything to do with the other doctors in the practice. Sam’s mother comes to town to visit him and Corinne (who, conveniently enough, isn’t speaking with Sam so isn’t included in this episode). She is there to bring her long-time boss, Raymond, and his wife, Julia to see Sam. Raymond has been having some heart troubles so Sam gives him an EKG, and then of course has to take him to the hospital for what begins as minor surgery. At the hospital things take a complicated turn when Sam (and the reality TV cameras) spots his mother kissing Raymond.

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