Sam Worthington Arrested

By on November 6, 2012

Same Worthington has been arrested. Yes, the “Avatar” star, was arrested for refusing to accept that his fame cannot gain him entry into every hotspot. Actually, Worthington was arrested for disorderly conduct.

James Cameron’s wonder-boy reportedly got into a bit of a pushing fest with doorman, Jerry Link, when he was refused entry way into restaurant Vortex. Reportedly, Worthington became so enraged with anger that he pushed Link twice, and used profanity against him, using his heavy English accent.

Maybe Worthington was just a man on the edge (or ledge….get it) and this doorman was just the match that lit the fuse (did I use that saying correctly?) Police arrived and took Worthington away in cuffs, but the charges against him were dropped after the brave doorman decided not to show up in court.

When not yelling at doormen, Worthington can soon be seen in the new thriller, “Ten,” which he is shooting right now with Aussie actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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