Shannen Doherty Calls Police About Fan’s Suicide Tweet

By on November 15, 2012

Sure, she was great in Beverly Hills 90210, but are there really any die hard Shannen Doherty fans left? Apparently so, as the actress had to help police respond to a possible suicide attempt in her honor.

Suicides by celebrity stalker are nothing new. Bjork and Paula Abdul both had stalkers that committed suicide for reasons related to their unrealistic admiration. So, when Shannen Doherty saw that a fan was threatening to shoot herself if the celebrity didn’t contact her, she didn’t take it lightly.

Instead of fulfilling the fan’s wishes by giving her a phone call, Doherty called the fan’s local police department in New Jersey. She explained to police that the girl said she would shoot herself, and the police asked Doherty to get the girl’s address.

When police arrived at the potentially suicidal fan’s home, they found that she was a 27-year old woman in her room, living with family members. The girl said she wasn’t actually going to commit suicide, didn’t have a gun, and didn’t need medical attention. Police left confident the Tweets weren’t serious.

Though the suicide threat was a hoax, it really was nice of Shannen to take the time to work with a police force across the country. The actress probably has some extra time on her hands since her last real acting gig was in 2011. That is, unless you include her most recent work in those Education Connection commercials that no one sees unless they’re home sick.

Props to Shannen for her smart response. Maybe the cops showing up was even a wake-up call for that girl living home with her parents to stop watching 90210 reruns and get a job.

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