Taylor Swift and Harry Styles a Couple?

By on November 17, 2012

Taylor Swift and One Direction’s, Harry Styles are a couple?  It looks like there may be some truth to this rumor.

Mario Lopez was on the 104.3 MY FM radio show where he said the two artists are “officially hanging out.” Along with the rest of the world, Mario was as surprised with the new budding romance.

Mario saw the One Direction singer backstage at The X Factor, where Taylor Swift performed as the guest star. Lopez stated,

“Taylor Swift was the special guest performer and here’s a little inside scoop for you.” He continued: “During rehearsals Harry from One Direction came over and slapped me on the back, and said, “Hey Mario how ya doing?” And I said “What are you doing here?” and he sort of pointed towards Taylor.”

Mario also revealed he saw them walking hand in hand. It looks like Taylor Swift and Harry from One Direction are officially hanging out

Maybe Harry and Taylor will make a duet? Or will he just be the subject of one of her songs?

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