Once Upon A Time Recap 11/11/12 Season 2 “Child of the Moon”

By on November 12, 2012

Tonight’s episode of Once Upon A Time has finally answered the burning question some fans have had ever since magic has been brought back to Storybrooke: will Ruby ever turn back into a wolf? After the murder of Peter, we finally get to see the aftermath of Red’s life before the Curse, and how it affects her new Storybrooke life!

In the Enchanted Forest, we see Red and Snow fleeing several of the Queen’s soldiers out to capture Red. As the full moon approaches, Red urges Snow to leave her and plans to meet her the next day. Red flees into the woods and awakens by a stream, only to find a man stealing her red cloak. After cornering the man, Red learns that his name is Quinn, and that he, like Red, is a child of the moon. Quinn urges Red to follow him into an underground den, where fans were surprised by Red’s reunion with her mother! As it turns out, Granny had taken Red away from Red’s mother, Anita, while Anita remained with her “pack”. As the alpha, Anita embraces Red as the newest member of the pack and begins to instruct Red on how to conquer her inner wolf during the full moon. The pack is soon interrupted by the arrival of Snow, who had been followed by the Queen’s soldiers, unbeknownst to her. The wolves manage to fight the Queen’s soldiers, with the exception of Quinn, who is killed during the battle. Out of anguish, Anita vows to have Snow killed and have the pack devour her. Anita then instructs Red to murder Snow, which Red refuses, stating that she no longer wants to be a part of the pack. Enraged, Anita attempts to kill Snow, but Red phases just in time to kill Anita and save Snow. As Snow and Red escape, Red gives Anita a proper burial before seeking shelter with Snow.

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