Once Upon A Time Recap 11/25/12 Season 2 “Into the Deep”

By on November 26, 2012
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Tonight’s episode of “Once Upon A Time” took season 2 to the extreme! With Henry’s apparent connection to Fairy Tale Land through Aurora, the members of Storybrooke strive to find a way to bring back Emma and Snow…with more complications than they had anticipated!

Angered that Hook had not given her the compass, Cora awakens the dead of Fairy Tale Land and plots a zombie attack on Emma, Snow, Mulan, and Aurora in order to retrieve the compass and access to Storybrooke. However, Cora is not the only one with a trick up her sleeve.

While “Into the Deep” opens with the much anticipated (and quite adorable) hamburger date between Gold and Belle, Regina bursts into Granny’s with the news that Henry has managed to make contact with Aurora…and that Cora has set her sights on Storybrooke. Gold, Regina, and David collaborate together to plan Henry’s next contact with Aurora, and Gold reveals the one form of magic that can foil Cora’s schemes: the ink from the quill that had originally been used to imprison him. However, as Henry attempts to contact Aurora through the sleeping curse with this knowledge, Aurora awakens, breaking off contact with Henry.

Aurora awakes to find that her makeshift camp with Mulan, Emma, and Snow has been raided by Cora’s zombie soldiers. Though Emma and Snow manage to fight off the zombies, Mulan discovers that Aurora has been kidnapped. It is revealed that Aurora is being held captive in one of Cora’s prisons, and Cora is intent on discovering information on the girls’ whereabouts. Cora sends out a crow to find Snow and leaves the girls with an ultimatum: return the compass to Cora, or Aurora will be killed. Mulan is intent on returning the compass, but Emma and Snow will not allow her to. Instead, Snow becomes intent on contacting Henry through the sleeping curse. Mulan leads the group in search of magical poppies whose powder with procure a sleeping curse for Snow. Meanwhile, Cora attempts to force Aurora into revealing information. When Aurora does not relent, Cora knocks her unconscious and leaves her. Hook appears and awakens Aurora in time to allow her to escape Cora’s prison as a means of punishing Cora for denying him access to Storybrooke.

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