Usher’s Vote for President Counts More than Yours

By on November 9, 2012

Did you know that Usher’s vote counts more than the average American’s vote does?

Why else would the singer be able to skip the voting lines?  We know he is well known, therefore, he must be important right?

The singer was allowed to bypass long lines at his polling station near Atlanta, upsetting a number of voters. And who can blame them?

According to local TV station WSBTV, election officials escorted Usher through the back door of the voting area, allowing him to cast his ballot before others who had been patiently waiting their turn.

When fellow voters complained about the apparent preferential treatment, county election officials released a statement, explaining that Usher’s camp had told them on Monday he planned to vote in person on Tuesday.  Wow.  Does that mean if all the voters tell their counties they are going to vote, they too can skip the line?

The polling manager is claiming they didn’t want Usher’s presence to be a distraction.

What do you think – were they preventing a distraction or just giving Usher preferential treatment?


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