The Vampire Diaries Recap 11/15/12 Season 4 “We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes”

By on November 16, 2012
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Tonight’s episode of Vampire Diaries was heartbreaking to watch as relationships were tested and some were changed maybe forever.

I guess we have to start with the biggest news of the night: Stelena┬áis no longer! Elena finally fessed up to Stefan that her feelings for Damon are stronger than ever since her transition into a vampire. And Stefan FINALLY stood up for himself and said he couldn’t accept it anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore Stefan and Elena together, but I think we can all agree Stefan deserves better. He shouldn’t be someone’s second choice. So for now, they are dunzo. And you Delena fans are about to get a real treat, I’m sure.

Speaking of Elena, she spent most of the episode hallucinating threats from Connor and Katherine (yes, she was back for a hot sec!) who were both trying to convince her to kill herself. She even stabbed Jeremy and killed him thinking it was Connor! He had his ring, of course, but the damage was done. The guilt was getting to her.

Klaus tried helping by locking Elena up since apparently he went through the same thing for 52 years after he killed a hunter. But it didn’t work. She stabbed Stefan when he tried to help and then ran off. But it was at the Wickery Bridge where she really hit rock bottom as the hallucination of her dead mother also told her to kill herself. She didn’t want to, but eventually dropped her ring to the bottom of the river. Luckily, Damon was there to save the day.

The two of them had a very sweet moment in her bed – yes bed – as they held hands and Damon admitted to Elena that all her problems with Stefan were due to the cure he was hoping to find for her. Still, it seemed to only push her closer to the that Salvatore.

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